3 Biggest Problems New Vape Users Have

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3 Biggest Problems New Vape Users Have

We get questions and emails every day from people new to vaping and they always ask the same things. How do you turn it on? Where does the battery go? Is the juice inside? Questions like these make us wonder how some of these people even learned about vaping. From this I have discovered the 3 major problems first time vape users have.

If this is your first time, here are the 3 things you need to know:

1. Do your research. Do not just buy the biggest mod because you saw someone else with it. If these devices are not handled properly you could hurt yourself. Learn Ohm's law, Watts law and research what the best battery is for vaping.

2. Know what kind of vape will suite your needs. Are you trying to quit cigarettes? Or do you want to blow out huge clouds?

3. Once you get your vape, make sure you read the manual and know the in's and out's of your device. So much time and energy is wasted trying to solve problems when the solution is spelled out all along in the manual.

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