Another Vape Watch?! - ACACIA Q-Watch

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Another Vape Watch?! - ACACIA Q-Watch

Here comes the ACACIA Q-Watch Pod System Kit, designed innovatively as a Pod as well as a watch. It is a new fashioned wearable electronic vaping device, making your vaping more decent and convenience. Small in size, it is powered by 270mAh built-in battery to achieve a fast charging of only 45 minutes, and to serve your whole day vaping. Moreover, the ceramic coil provides a pure and stable flavor and taste for you. The Intelligent airflow sensing inside brings a high similarity with smoke feeling. It is equipped with small but clear LED screen to show you clearly about the status of the time, puff count, and battery level. Due to the Food-graded and environmental-friendly material, ACACIA Q-Watch Pod System Kit will guarantee a healthy e-cig vaping for you.

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