PBusardo Reviews the Cost Effective KAEES Aladdin MTL RTA

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PBusardo Reviews the Cost Effective KAEES Aladdin MTL RTA

The KAEES ALADDIN 22mm MTL RTA is the latest reiteration of the timeless ALADDIN atomizer series, featuring a single coil build deck, 2.0mL internal juice capacity, and possesses a dual function airflow control system that is sure to set the ALADDIN MTL RTA apart from other competitors on the market today. The build deck of the ALADDIN MTL RTA is expansive and elevated, alotting for a single coil configuration to be installed. Side secured via hex screws, the ALADDIN MTL RTA features a single open terminal per post, allowing for the ends of beefier or longer coil leads to be conveniently snipped off. In addition, the ALADDIN MTL RTA is equipped with a two function bottom airflow control system hosting a set of 5 bored air holes, restricted by a rotating control ring that allows for any number of airholes to be opened and in use. Airflow is then guided from the sides to the bottom of the internal coil structure, creating dense clouds of intense flavored vapor. The ALADDIN MTL RTA is geared for flavor, instituting a domed build deck cap to enhance the intense flavors by concentrating them directly to the taste buds of the tongue. Furthermore, the ALADDIN can hold up to 2.0mL of juice within the confines of the pyrex glass, top refilled by unscrewing the threaded top cap with a 180° turn to reveal two large fill ports.

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