The Easiest Vape ... EVER?! - Moti One

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The Easiest Vape ... EVER?! - Moti One

The MOTI by MOTI Vape is an incredible pod system that utilizes an open pod system with ceramic coils. This device has a striking modern look and weights like a feather. Simplicity is key when referring to this device; A simple draw activation is the only thing required when handling the MOTI. The MOTI, once again is visually striking; a simple LED light indicator lays upon the center of the body with the "MOTI" emblem located on the base. This LED light indicator will only activate during use, when the battery is running low, during charge, and charge completion. A USB port can be located on the base of this device which charges the 500mAh battery within 50 minutes. Don't let the battery size fool you, the MOTI is capable of approximately 600 puffs per charge. This device is light as a feather making it a perfect on the go device. Moving onto the pod, the MOTI proprietary pods can be filled up to 1.8ml of the users preferred nicotine salt e-liquid. Filling this pod can be easily done by removing the mouthpiece and taking the silicone protector off. The fill port are the two slots located between the center hole. This center hole is meant for airflow and not for e-liquid. Internally, the heating element this pod uses is a unique 6th generation honeycomb ceramic coil rated at 1.2 to 1.5 ohm. The MOTI pod securely snaps into place due to the magnetic connector located on the base of the device, and atop the pod port of the device. All in all, the MOTI Pod System is an amazing open pod device for those looking for amazing throat hit and longevity. Users will definitely enjoy this simple to use device and further savor each flavor due to the complicated coil system the MOTI Pod utilizes.

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