The Minkin 3!! - A Review

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The Minkin 3!! - A Review

The asMODus Minikin 3 200W Box Mod is an exemplary vaping system, integrating the advanced GX-200-UTC Chipset, extensive temperature control suite, and is combined with safety and security features that help set it apart from the myriad of vaping devices available on the market today. Relying on the advanced GX-200-UTC chipset, the Minikin 3 is capable of wattage or voltage based output, fine tuning the box mod to the preferred settings of the user. Working in conjunction with the chipset, a pair of high-amp 18650 batteries can be installed via the bottom hinged battery bay mounted at the bottom to fully enjoy the full range of temperature control options. This also unlocks the full range of temperature control options, allotting for stainless steel, nickel, and titanium wire options. In addition, the asMODus Minikin 3 comes standard with a fingerprint sensor that can enable or disable the device, keeping it safe and out of children's hands. The fingerprint sensor is secure, but the Minikin 3 also allows for a 6-digit passcode to be installed and will not be removed when updating the firmware of the asMODus Minikin 3. The Minikin 3 is also capable of wireless charging and provides haptic feedback and response to any buttons pressed.

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