The Yearn VS The Caliburn - Two Uwell Pod Mods

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The Yearn VS The Caliburn - Two Uwell Pod Mods

I love the Caliburn for so many reasons, I love the YEARN for so many reasons. I realize it’s a little bit of an apples / oranges situation here. The YEARN only comes in 4 flavors 50mg and 20mg. For a smoker, it’s honestly the ideal option IMO. If you want to use your own liquids to lower your nic, then the Caliburn is the no brainer. They both vape basically perfect. The Yearn is a little warmer, little tighter and a little more flavorful overall. But the trade off again is you are chained to the 50mg and 20mg, 4 flavors only. I genuinely think a smoker starting on the Yearn and moving to the caliburn while lowering their nicotine would be a damn near perfect system for helping smokers. And as a vaper, I find them both intensely satisfying to use.

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