This Vape Doesn't Produce any Vapor!? - SnowPlus Starter Kit

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This Vape Doesn't Produce any Vapor!? - SnowPlus Starter Kit

Using advanced atomization technology, the TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic atomizer produces a fine vapor with smoother mouthfeel and stronger throat hit. The fine crafted curved-edge body in zinc alloy frame provides a silky smooth touch, a slim and sleek design that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The embedded magnetic design makes the device very easy to use. The fall-out prevention system pulls the pod in and keeps it securely in place. The pod is made of Easterman Tritan copolyster, a safe and BPA free material. Implemented with the 4th Generation double-seal design, the pod is perfectly sealed to prevent leakage. The high-capacity battery ensures incredible battery life and easily power through the day. The battery can last for two to three days for an average user. The Smokeless Edition has an innovative vapor-less feature, allowing users to smoke in private. This game-changing e-liquid retains an authentic vaping experience with no visible smoke exhaled.

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