Vapergate PUG Lucy Disposible Tank KIT

Vapergate PUG Lucy Disposible Tank KIT

Stoked to finally be talking about the PUG from Vapergate as well as that LUCY disposable sub ohm tank. Like I said, been using the PUG for well over a month now and it's a rad little 80w banger. 2800 mah internal battery is mostly fine, battery life leaves a little to be desired, but I can make it a good long time on a single charge. The pug feels nice in the hand, real slick and techy, Wish those buttons didn't rattle so much tho. As for the Lucy tank, look it works really well. It is disposable, which means more waste, in a pinch they are rad, but if you want to have much less waste, throw an RTA on top of this PUG and vape your face off. No links allowed so use that google-foo Vaping is far less harmful for you. The science is in. The science has been in. The "epidemic" is a fabrication. The US Government cares less about your health than they do about money and big Pharma's bottom line. This information is being actively suppressed. Other countries like the United Kingdom and New Zealand are embracing vaping as a form of tobacco harm reduction and are seeing MASSIVE drops in deadly cigarette smoking. Read the science for yourself

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