Referral Program

Allow us to invite you and your friends or family to participate in our Referral Program offered exclusively to our new visitors.

For each first order placed we offer a referral code for a 10% discount to share with your friends or family for their first purchase at

In appreciation of your referral efforts a 10% discount code will be provided to you for your next order and complimented with a 5% discount each time the unique referral code is used going forward.

Rules of the program.

  • 10% unique discount codes will be generated automatically for each new client with each new order and provided with the package.
  • The unique codes are transferable, however, will only apply to first order or new client registration, tracked by name, address and email.
  • 5% unique discount code will be provided on every consecutive order or via e-mail or via text message, based on communication style preferred during registration.
  • Same rules will apply if you choose to check out as a guest.
  • Please note creating a customer profile provides you better shopping experience and faster check out.