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Honey Labs has created a truly awesome product with the Honey Dabber II. Most concentrate straws are all-glass, the common complaint is the glass stays hot for a long period of time before you can store it safely. Honey Labs made the Honey Dabber II so you can dab on-the-go without waiting for the straw to cool before you can stow it away. With its patent-pending cherry wood sleeve, it simply slips over the straw so you can safely travel even if it’s still hot. Its construction is lightweight, compact, and solidly built.

Expect big, flavourful and robust dabs, along with a hassle-free dabbing experience. The Honey Dabber II comes with either a quartz or titanium straw. These concentrate straws are free of chemicals and cleaned thoroughly to remove any factory residues.

The straw slips into a hole drilled through the center of the handle. The fit is snug and solid, and it’s easy to insert or remove the concentrate straw. You’ll need a torch to use Honey Dabber II. Just hold the straw to the flame until it glows red, then wait 30 seconds before dabbing the tip into a dish of waxy oils.


  • Measures 20.5 cm/8 inches length
  • Cherry Wood sleeve with solid magnetic connection
  • Quartz straw or CP2 Titanium straw options
  • The removable, protective wooden sleeve that additionally covers the warming tip

We recommend using a metal or glass dish with the Honey Dabber II. When you plunge the Honey Dabber 2 into a dish of wax, make sure to hold the warming tip at an edge or it may go about like a straw and you may accidentally pull hot waxy oil into your mouth and obstruct your straw.


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