JC01 Starter Kit - OVNS


JC01 Starter Kit - OVNS

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This brand new device is certain to spark an interest to those who've become accustomed to pod mods and nicotine salts!

The JC01 by OVNS is a brand new and unbelievably compact refillable pod mod. Powered by 400mAh battery - that is almost double of most closed pods systems. Featuring 0.7ml empty refillable pods - call that a fantastic bonus. Charged via standard USB and is very unique and discrete.  

Recommended for use with salt nicotine, the device helps you get your fix fast and effectively while saving you some of your hard earned cash thanks to the refillable design.

Get more pods here and choose from a variety of nicotine salts to get started!


  • 1 empty 0.7mL pod with a resistance of 1.5ohm included.
  • Standard Micro USB Charger.
  • All in one device.


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