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Pandon - Yocan

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Pandon by Yocan is an ultra-compact vape pen featuring dual QUAD coil technology  (Quartz Dual Coil) coils. Pandon is a compact, hand-held wax vaporizer pen you can carry anywhere. The long-lasting discrete vaporizer is a perfect companion for people on the go.  Popular for its performance, the Pandon is a must-have for new and experienced Vapour Connoisseurs.

QDC provides a crystal-clean and smooth experience. The PANDON utilizes Yocan “Evolve” coils.

Equipped with functional coil cap to prevents product leakage, and secure distribution of the heat for cooler vapour. 


    • 1300 mAh battery with variable voltage
    • Quartz Dual Coil
    • Micro USB 

    The output voltage can be adjusted for different occasions.

    • Click 5 times to turn the device on/off
    • You can cycle through voltage settings by pressing the button two times rapidly between each set:
    • Green = 5 volts
    • Blue  = 8 volts
    • White = 2 volts


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