Starter Kit - Myle


Starter Kit - Myle

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Myle is one of the newest closed pod systems on the market. It features a plug and play style -  perfect for those who want a simple solution to quitting smoking without having to worry about coils and refilling tanks. The slim design of the Myle is comfortable in hand and comparable to a cigarette for those who want something familiar.

The Myle has 0.9 mL pods and comes with a built-in 240mah battery giving it an advantage over similar pod systems.

Using 50mg/mL salt nicotine, the device helps you get your fix fast and effectively. Being as small as it is, it fits discreetly in the pocket and is perfect for the vapor on the go or beginner vapers looking for a no-fuss solution to quitting cigarettes.

*Pods sold separately* get them here.


    • All in one device
    • Uses 0.9 mL pods *Sold Separately*
    • The industry-standard micro USB charger
    • Myle V2: the most recent version of the Myle


    E-Liquid or E-juice is comprised of between 2-4 ingredients. It is made with PG - propylene glycol, VG - vegetable glycerin, and optionally with flavor and nicotine. Most often comes in glass or food-grade plastic bottles with a convenient dropper to refill your tanks and always with a childproof seal.

    VG - The Base makes up 50-90% of e-juice and is composed of 100% VG or a mix with PG. Common ratios are 100% VG, 50/50 VG/PG, 70/30 VG/PG, and 80/20 VG/PG. VG is the one that makes vapor – you want thick vapor, e-liquid with higher VG will do that.

    Commonly mixed with VG as the base for e-juice. A higher PG mix e-juice will produce “throat hit” – which many associate with the “harshness” of a regular cigarette.

    Flavor 10%-20%. All the e-juices are made with food-grade flavorings, either natural or artificial – will depend on the maker.

    Nic salts or Nicotine salts are a type of processed nicotine used in E-juices and are designed to offer a smooth vaping experience. They are concentrated at higher milligrams to provide a more cigarette-like experience. Because of their higher MG, you don’t experience the harsh nicotine hit in the back of your throat like regular high Nicotine E-liquid. Also, you don’t need to vape as often to feel the craving go away.


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