STLTH Anodized Edition Device - STLTH


STLTH Anodized Edition Device - STLTH

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STLTH Anodized Edition Device is a fully closed pod system – you do not fill the pods with your own e-liquid but choose from the STLTH family pre-filled 2ml flavour cartridges (sold separately) - making it super easy to use, without the mess of changing coils or refilling the e-juice. STLTH is a new closed pod system vape for MTL style vaping. Making improvements on previous pod systems the STLTH features a 470mah battery lasting for 24Hrs with a 30min full battery charge capacity. Variety of flavor pods and two nicotine delivery option of 35mg 50mg allows for a great starter device to reduce nicotine intake.

Note Vape device only pod is NOT included

Sleek, portable, fast charging and affordable, the STLTH vape is perfect for those looking to quit smoking efficiently without breaking a buck.

Enjoy variety of available flavorful pods.


  • 470mah battery
  • 1 x rechargeable device
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x micro USB charger

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