STLTH Hawaiian Pog Pod - NKD 100

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STLTH Hawaiian Pog Pod - NKD 100

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Hawaiian Pog is the perfect mixture of creamy guava, juicy oranges with sweet nectar and passion fruit designed specifically for the STLTH vape.

1 package contain 3 - 2ml pods. 35 & 50 Bold Nicotine Blend is a fusion between Freebase Nic and Nic Salt nicotine resulting in maximum vape hit satisfaction with lower nicotine concentration


  • 2mL pods
  • 20MG NicSalts
  • 3 pods per package


Nic salts or Nicotine salts are a type of processed nicotine used in E-juices and are designed to offer a smooth vaping experience. They are concentrated at higher milligrams to provide a more cigarette like experience. Because of their higher MG you don’t experience the harsh nicotine hit in the back of your throat like regular high Nicotine E-liquid. Also, you don’t need to vape as often to feel the craving go away.

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