Atty RDA Kit - Tobh


Atty RDA Kit - Tobh

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The TOBH Atty RDA is an ultra-low resistance for the most powerful vaping experience possible. This is a must for anyone into RDA.


This is a rebuild-able atomizer, user must install, wick and wire coil. Due to nature of this product warranty does not apply.

Rebuild-able atomizer coils and wicks have known risks. Damage may occur due to misuse.

Coil building is done by individuals who are experts, know how to use a meter, when it should be used and most importantly have understanding of electronic devices. These materials are not meant to be used by inexperienced beginners with ought general knowledge of electronics.

  1. Careful testing MUST be performed with a meter before rebuild able coil/wick is used.
  2. User to assume all risks when choosing not to test coils
  3. Faulty wicks and coil can and will blow electronic devises.
  4. User must insure to use new built coils and wicks on electronic devices that have a strong built in short circuit protection.

User must have general knowledge and basic understanding on Li-Ion Battery safety before purchase and first use of these high powered batteries in general and/or while built into a mod.

If mishandled while charging, discharging or manipulated in any way these high powered batteries can explode and cause injury. Please make sure to acquire basic understanding on Li-Ion battery safety and their use.

Vaping Jill Inc. will not be held liable for any damage minor or severe, temporary or permanent caused by mishandling and/or improper use with ought basic knowledge of Li-Ion battery safety on their own or while built in a mod.


  • 303 stainless one-piece Body/ Negative Posts won't turn or move...ever
  • Solid copper bottom contract
  • Post holes are .05" (fifty thousandths) to easily accommodate a wide size range of kanthal wire sizes (28,26,24 22 etc.) or for easy quad coil builds.
  • High strength PEEK top and bottom Center Post Insulator Rated for 480°F
  • O-rings Rated to +450°F
  • 303 stainless sleeve with six 1/16 holes placed horizontally so as to create better distribution of air flow across the coils which, combined equate to three 1/8th inch holes
  • Stainless finned Top-Cap with a conical internal design to decrease the occurrence of turbulent air flow or low pressure/idle zones (Bernoulli's principle) Additionally the fins act as fully functional heat sinks which simultaneously disperse heat away from the coils and mouth piece
  • Deep laser engraving on the sleeve and atty base that won't polish off.

Package content

  • Atty RDA
  • Rda kit screw driver
  • 2 spare screws
  • Silicone ring
  • Coils


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