Return & Refund Policy

You may return your UNUSED /Un-Opened devices, for a full refund within 7 days of the purchase with proof of payment. Please read the information below for a detailed explanation.


Q: My tank is giving me issues, can I return it?
A: Tanks are used to consume e-liquid, and due to hygienic reasons we are unable to process a refund/exchange. However, majority of issues associated with tanks may only require a simple fix, so bring it by the store and one of our friendly team members will be able to assist you!

Q: How about my coils?
A: If you haven't opened your pack of coils, you are able to return it within 7 days of the purchase. If you used one coil out of a pack of 5, we may still process a return based on the brand and whether we sell that specific coil in singles. 

Q: I don't like my device, can I swap it?
A: Unfortunately we cannot exchange any device that has been opened, our sales guru's make sure to provide as much information possible to set you up with a device that fits your needs best.

Q: I just bought my Ecig device, but I think it's broken!
A: If you just purchased your unit and noticed a defect, you may bring it by our store and we will be happy to solve the issue or swap the unit.

Q: I purchased a juice but it is too harsh for my liking, can I return it?
A: Due to the fact that e-liquid is a consumable product, we are unable to return or exchange any juice even if it's still sealed. If you find that your e-liquid is too harsh you should try a lower nicotine level to reduce the throat hit (Harshness)