.270 Hollow Point - Gorilla Warfare E-Liquid

Gorilla Warfare E-Liquids

.270 Hollow Point - Gorilla Warfare E-Liquid

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The delightful fusion of blueberry, flaky pastry, and icing sugar flavour presents a scrumptious blend that marries the sweet and tangy notes of blueberries with the buttery, flaky consistency of pastry, culminating in a harmonious symphony complemented by a delicate layer of icing sugar. This offering provides a pleasing equilibrium of fruity sweetness, pastry excellence, and a hint of sugary luxury, all encapsulated in a bottle.

This product is affixed with a Vaping Duty Stamp (Excise Act, 2001). The Duty is included in the advertised price.


  • 70VG/30PG
  • 120ML plastic gorilla bottle


E-Liquid or E-juice comprises 2-4 ingredients. All E-liquids are made with PG - propylene glycol, VG - vegetable glycerin, and optionally with flavour and nicotine. It often comes in food-grade plastic bottles with a convenient dropper to refill your tanks and always with a child-proof seal.

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