A-Pen Herbal portable vaporizer - Atmos


A-Pen Herbal portable vaporizer - Atmos

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ATMOS A-PEN vaporizer offers liquid and solid concentrate aromatic vaporization in a portable package loaded with features. A rechargeable 3.7-volt Lithium-ion battery powers the nichrome heating element bringing the vaporizer from “standby” to “ready” in 5 seconds with hours of continuous use.


  • For Liquids & Solid Concentrates
  • 510 Threading Pocket-Friendly
  • 5-Click Battery Lock

The A-Pen boasts a large list of features despite its relatively small size. An LED power light acts as an indicator to when the A-Pen requires charging when the device is charged, and when it is in use. Initiating the “Lock Mode” on the device allows you to conveniently store the vaporizer in-between use as well as to conserve battery life. A windowed chamber displays how much material is left and when it will require refilling. Finally, the cap features a discreet clip for portability.

Package content

  • Atmos RX Lithium-ion Battery, Clip-On Top
  • Mouthpiece, Tank Cover, Tank Cartridge
  • Wired USB Charger, Wall Adapter
  • Filling Bottle, Carrying Case

How it Works

After fully charging the A-Pen’s Lithium-ion battery, unscrew the mouthpiece cap and remove the loading tank. Do not fill the tank while still attached to a battery. Begin filling the tank with liquid or solid concentrate. Place solid concentrate directly onto the top of the heating element. After filling, reassemble cartridge, battery, and mouthpiece to begin use. Press the power button firmly while drawing.


For best functionality, be sure to clean and maintain the A-Pen regularly. Cleaning the screw threads with a clear alcohol solution ensures consistent electric conduction to the device. Allow A-Pen to dry thoroughly before use. When the battery is depleted, charge fully before using again to maximize battery life.


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