Fried Ice Cream - FRYD E-Liquids

FRYD E-Liquids

Fried Ice Cream - FRYD E-Liquids

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Have you been searching for a flavor to tickle your palate and have your taste buds jump from joy? Please give it up for deep-fried vanilla ice cream coated in caramel batter drizzle. Yam..  Need we say more?


The option between 1 x 60ml $24.99 or a twin pack of 2 x 60ml $44.99


  • 20VG/80PG
  • 60ml Gorilla Bottle


E-Liquid E-juice is comprised of between 2-4 ingredients. It is made with PG - propylene glycol, VG - vegetable glycerin, and optionally with flavor and nicotine. Most often comes in glass or food-grade plastic bottles with a convenient dropper to refill your tanks and always with a childproof seal.

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