Groovy Grape Passionfruit Iced - Flavour Beast Salts

Flavour Beast Salts

Groovy Grape Passionfruit Iced - Flavour Beast Salts

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Embark on an enchanting flavour journey with Groovy Grape Passionfruit Iced, where the vibrant essence of grape, passionfruit, and menthol converge to deliver an unparalleled and invigorating taste sensation. The grape infusion strikes a perfect harmony, blending sweetness with a subtle tart undertone, while the passionfruit introduces a tropical and mildly tangy allure. Adding menthol ensures a revitalizing and cool sensation on the inhale and exhale, resulting in a well-rounded and thoroughly enjoyable flavour profile. Immerse yourself in a vape experience that boasts a captivatingly fruity arrangement, enhanced by subtle floral notes and elevated by a refreshing touch of mint. This blend is ideal for those who appreciate e-liquids featuring fruit flavours paired with a cooling sensation or for anyone searching for a refreshing and fruit-forward flavour expedition.

This product is affixed with a Vaping Duty Stamp (Excise Act, 2001). The Duty is included in the advertised price.


  • 30mL Bottle
  • 20MG NicSalts
  • Made in Canada


NicSalts or Nicotine salts are a type of processed nicotine used in E-juices and are designed to offer a smooth vaping experience. They are concentrated at higher milligrams to provide a more cigarette-like experience. Because of their smoother composition, you don’t experience the harsh nicotine hit in the back of your throat like with regular high-nicotine E-liquid.

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