Myle Pod System Kit - Myle

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Myle Pod System Kit - Myle

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Find everything you need to enjoy a clean, smooth vaping experience in this Mylé Starter Kit that includes one full-sized sleek rechargeable device and four delicious flavors to choose from in the variety pod pack

Taste the premium essence that Mylé has developed specifically for nicotine lovers who say no to traditional cigarettes, and set yourself up with a quick and easy kit that leaves room to try new flavors anytime you like.

Choose from a variety of flavours here


  • All in one device
  • 1 x Peach Pod
  • 1 x Pink Lemonade Pod
  • 1 x Red Apple Pod
  • 1 x Lemont Mint Pod
  • 0.9 mL pods 
  • The industry-standard micro USB charger
  • Myle V4: the most recent version of the Myle


Nic salts or Nicotine salts are a type of processed nicotine used in E-juices and are designed to offer a smooth vaping experience. They are concentrated at higher milligrams to provide a more cigarette-like experience. Because of their higher MG, you don’t experience the harsh nicotine hit in the back of your throat like regular high Nicotine E-liquid. Also, you don’t need to vape as often to feel the craving go away.

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