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Oasis - M.E.O

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This is perfect for a warm summer day. Oasis delivers the delicious taste of cold-pressed strawberries swirling in a cocktail of pineapples, coconut, and delicious dragon fruit. This Juice gives you a blast of Summer every time you vape! Way to go M.E.O




E-Liquid or E-juice is comprised of between 2-4 ingredients. It is made with PG - propylene glycol, VG - vegetable glycerin, and optionally with flavor and nicotine. Most often comes in glass or food-grade plastic bottles with a convenient dropper to refill your tanks and always with a childproof seal.

VG - The Base makes up 50-90% of e-juice and is composed of 100% VG or a mix with PG.

Common ratios are 100% VG, 50/50 VG/PG, 70/30 VG/PG, and 80/20 VG/PG. VG is the one that makes vapor – you want thick vapor, e-liquid with higher VG will do that.

PG - Commonly mixed with VG as the base for e-juice. A higher PG mix e-juice will produce “throat hit” – which many associate with the “harshness” of a regular cigarette.

Flavor 10%-20%. All the e-juices are made with food-grade flavorings, either natural or artificial – will depend on the maker.

Nicotine 0%-2.4% depending on strength. Usually, break down from 0-3-6-12-18-24 milligrams per milliliter. Most large e-juice manufacturers are using pharmaceutical grade pure nicotine.

The aerosol is generated when the e-liquid heats up within the chamber and produces vapor that simulates smoke from traditional cigarettes. The vapor containing flavor, and nicotine, or not - provide the same effect to satisfy the cravings of the user. Vaping e-liquid does not release any chemicals that a traditional cigarette would because it eliminates combustion. Vaping has been very successful and smokers have quit smoking cigarettes with its help. Remember, E-juice only has a handful of ingredients, unlike a cigarette which has 4000+ chemicals released once burning.


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