Stealth Vape Pen - Yocan


Stealth Vape Pen - Yocan

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Yocan stealth vape pen is a two in one vapor box designed to be used with both wax and oil 510 threaded cartridges. Stealth made with unique switchable style hinge that allows for cartridges to be folded inward for safety and discreetness of the vape.

There are three pre-determined voltage heat settings - low, medium or high, that are being switched between intuitively once the attachment is detected.

Yocan stealth is simple to use. It takes 5 clicks to turn the device on or off. Screw on the desired oil or wax cartridge onto the mod and vape.

Battery full charge is at about two hours equaling one hundred hits from single battery charge.


Yocan Stealth wax attachment
  • 510 threaded - under 9.8mm diameter
  • Single quarts coil
  • Stainless Steel mouth tip and chamber
Yocan Stealth oil attachment
  • 510 threaded - under 9.8mm diameter
  • Stainless steel mouth piece - glass body
  • About 1.5 ml 
Yocan Stealth battery
  • 600 mAh
  • charged via USB
  • 100 puffs per charge


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