Sutra s-type


Sutra s-type

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Combining the vapor quality normally reserved for desktop units with ultimate portability, the new S-Type by SutraVape is designed with an optimal airflow system and custom dual cell power source that produces an enhanced vapor at multiple temperature settings for up to hours of use at a time!

Built with rapid heat-up in mind. The S-Type features a hybrid ceramic core oven. Allowing for heat-up time of under 30 seconds. With the most efficient ceramic oven on the market. The S-Type will produce the best vaporizer user experience. With a Dual Cell 7.4v 2600 mAh battery. The S-Type will produce vape for you all day. With a rapid charge system to help get you back to vaping ASAP. (3-6 Hour Run Time)

The S-Type Features a Low, Medium, & High Setting for dry blends and one setting for concentrate oils. With streamlined functionality in mind. the S-Type Vaporizer is built with 1 Click Operation. One Button to operate all functions.

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