Maganus NI coil/atomizer head - Vapeston


Maganus NI coil/atomizer head - Vapeston

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Dual vertical coil (DVC) supporting Ni - Temperature control (TC) operation.

  • Organic Japanese cotton
  • Ni 200 0.15 ohm (20 W – 120 W recommended)
  • Ni 200 0.25 ohm (20 W – 120 W recommended)

Ni200 (nickel) is only compatible with devices that are equipped with a circuit board able to control coil temperature. Do not use these coils on devices that do not support temperature control.

These coils are sub-Ohm resistances. Extra safety precautions should be exercised using these coils. Sub-ohm resistance will only work on a regulated or mechanical mod that can support the ohm resistance of 0.3 ohms or lower. Please make sure vapor batteries can handle sub ohm atomizers and coils by insuring the amps are 30 or higher. Damage or injury may occur due to the misuse of this product.


Users must have general knowledge and a basic understanding of Li-Ion Battery safety before purchase and the first use of these high powered batteries in general and/or while built into a mod. If mishandled while charging, discharging or manipulated in any way these high powered batteries can explode and cause injury. Please make sure to acquire a basic understanding of Li-Ion battery safety and their use.

Vaping Jill Inc. will not be held liable for any damage minor or severe, temporary or permanent caused by mishandling and/or improper use with ought basic knowledge of Li-Ion battery safety on their own or while built in a mod.


Compatible with FreeMax Starre tank / Freemax Scylla / Maganus Tanks.


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