One Take Review : Lost Vape ORION : DNA Pod system

One Take Review : Lost Vape ORION : DNA Pod system

I legit fell in love with the Lost Vape Orion. The tank can be a little firm to get into the mod, but I honestly have zero other gripes with it. It feels stellar in the hand, pretty weighty, mostly techy feeling. Fit and finish are rad. It's easy to fill. The airflow is ideally placed out of the way of your hands. It does a really solid restricted lung and also does a pretty solid mouth to lung as well. Replay mode works perfectly. The three Power Outputs: Low (White), Medium (Blue), High (Red) are switched by single pressing the REPLAY button. Totally didn't mention that in the review. Side note, I did this "one take" review just as a challenge to myself to see if I could even do it. This probably won't' become a regular thing but it was fun anyway.

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