Smok Vape Pen Plus Review: A Bigger Vape Pen 22?

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Smok Vape Pen Plus Review: A Bigger Vape Pen 22?

This time its another Smok product..... The Vape Pen Plus. Now i am sorry guys but i am getting fed up now. Smok are starting to break their existing kits down and release them in bits and calling them different things This battery is the battery from the Stick V8 kit. It is a 3000mah battery. The tank is just a bigger extended Vape Pen 22 tank. I can see why the battery would be welcome but still its 2 kits cut in half re-released its not something new is it? Apart from the obvious things i don't like it foes perform well. The vapour production is something we come to expect as standard from Smok now. The coil is slightly redesigned and offers more power than the original 0.3 and 0.4 coils. The flavour seemed to be slightly better too.

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